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Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz worktop looks like marble but without any flaws or cons of the natural stone. This stunning quartz countertop resembles marble so closely that it's difficult to tell the difference at first glance.

If you look at any home improvement magazine or blog, you're likely to see many pictures of marble kitchen countertops. Marble is a natural stone known for its classic and luxurious appearance throughout history. That is what makes it one of the most popular worktop materials in the market.

However, these days when homeowners have very little time to upkeep marble worktops, most people may find marble impractical. It is because marble is porous and thus, susceptible to staining, etching, dullness, scratches, etc. Therefore, it needs a little of care to sustain its lustrous appearance over the years.

This is the major reason homeowners are inclining towards quartz worktops. The worktops can mimic natural marble realistically, without any drawbacks of natural stone. Silestone Calacatta Gold is one of the best-selling countertops due to its close resemblance to authentic Calacatta Gold marble.

Why Choose Silestone Calacatta Gold?

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Homeowners adore Silestone Calacatta Gold due to its aristocratic appeal that could outshine any other countertop material. Boasting gold and grey veins on a white backdrop, Calacatta Gold Marble is made of a sedimentary rock that further undergoes metamorphosis to form hard marble.

Although natural marble looks stunning, the main issue with it, is its porous nature that allows liquid substances to seep into the surface. Due to moisture penetration, this surface is prone to staining. While proper sealing and immediate cleaning of spills can prevent staining issues, many homeowners still complain that marble can etch and/or stain over time.

That's the reason why architects and interior designers are choosing Silestone Calacatta Gold over natural Calacatta marble for their projects. The best thing about Silestone quartz countertops is that they are made of 93% pure quartz, which is one of the most robust and hardest substances found on earth, as well as resins and pigments. The presence of resins ensures that the countertop surface remains non-porous and doesn’t allow water or any other liquid to penetrate the surface.

Due to the non-porous surface, quartz does not require sealing and will not stain in the long run. It also won't dull or etch on contact with alkaline or acidic substances. Quartz that mimics Calacatta marble also boasts marble-like veins, patterns and colours. It means its users can enjoy the similar luxurious appeal of marble but without having to deal with the flaws of the natural stone.

Quartz Countertops that Resemble Calacatta Marble

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Quartz worktops that mimic marble are man-made surfaces. Therefore, they can be controlled in terms of adding the desired pattern, style or colour on each slab. Unlike marble that has odd colours and mineral intrusions, quartz worktops are likely to have consistent colour and veining patterns. If you are working on a commercial project in which you need continuity in design, this material is ideal.

Quartz that resembles Calacatta marble-like Silestone Calacatta Gold boasts soft white backdrop with deeper grey and gold veins running throughout the surface. Apart from white, marble-like quartz can also be designed in other soft tones like beige or bisque hue, such as Aspen.

It means that one can easily find a quartz worktop with the desired look of marble – no matter what marble style you prefer.

Get the Marble-Like Appearance – Not High Maintenance!

With Silestone Calacatta Gold, you can easily add the natural charm of Calacatta marble in your interior but without the need for sealing and extra upkeep. Quartz worktops offer many custom options for veining and colours, unlike marble. The best thing about quartz countertops is that they are low-maintenance, hence suitable for today’s busy work life and lifestyle. So, you must invest in marble-effect quartz worktops to get the authenticity of natural stone with better durability and low-maintenance requirement.

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