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How to solve the watermark problem on quartz stone?


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There are veins'color darker or whiter than the initial color of the slab on the surface.

1. Adjust distributing parameters to ensure uniform distribution.

2. Use PET film or replace paper on top with kraft paper in smaller weight to increase pressing fluidity.

3. Adjust gradation, increase resin, or powder appropriately.

4. Replace resin with lower viscosity or quartz powder with better mobility.

5. Produce with mill base process.

6. Produce with a lump breaker to ensure the material is broken up fully.

7. If the current situation can’t be alleviated with a barrel distributor, it can be replaced with a bridge distributor And break the material up with the brush of bridge distributor, which can improve distribution uniformity.

8. Increase the speed of the press properly, reduce the pressure when pressing.
(or reduce the speed of the press and the pressure when pressing )

9. The slabs after pressed should avoid wrinkles as much as possible when they are pushed into hardening oven.

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