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How To Import Quartz Stone Slabs?


If you are a new quartz stone slab and quartz countertops distributors or retailers, and you want to import directly quartz slabs from China. There have some things should be know and notice.

Confirm Quartz Slabs Details

We know there have a lots of quartz slabs are popular in market. Like as Calacatta White Quartz Slabs, Super White Quart Slabs, Stellar Black and other types quartz stone. You should confirm what color, details and quantity with the supplier.

After Inspect Quartz Slabs Quality, we should ready to import

When your supplier finished products and your inspector checked all slabs quality is perfect. After packages, we should ready to booking shipment soon. Different shipping company always have different shipping cost. You should ask more shipping compaines.

How To Import Quartz Stone Slabs? Knowledge

When Quartz Slabs arrive your port, you should ready to clear customs

Receiving goods: The importer or foreign company informs the personnel of the Import Department by phone or fax that the quartz slabs are about to enter the customs, and the operator sends a vehicle to the importer to pick up the customs clearance documents. The principal shall provide the freight forwarder with the true information of the entrusted customs declaration matters.

Customs declaration: After receiving the customs clearance documents, the customs declarers will first review the documents, and after the verification is correct, they will be handed over to the customs for customs clearance.

Tax payment: After the customs review is correct, an import tariff bill and a value-added tax bill will be automatically printed, and the customer will pay the tax directly, or the freight forwarder will advance the tax on its behalf. Imported transit goods shall be taxed at the exchange rate and tax rate on the day the goods arrive at the customs at the place of destination.

Inspection: Wait for further instructions from the customs after tax payment. If the customs needs to inspect the goods, the customs declarer and customs officials shall jointly inspect the goods. After the inspection passes the inspection, the goods can be released.

Cost accounting: After the cargo of this ticket is successfully cleared and arrives at the place designated by the importer safely, cost accounting will be carried out.

When the original export goods are returned into the country, the original consignee or consignor or its agent should fill in the import goods declaration form, as well as the insurance company's certificate, the carrier's certificate of overfilling and omission of unloading and other relevant materials. If the original export goods customs has issued an export tax rebate declaration form, the original export tax rebate declaration form or the "Certificate of Tax Compensation for the Return of Export Commodities" shall be returned, and the customs shall inspect and release the relevant goods into the country after verification.


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