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    Headquartered in China, We provide wide range of Quartz Stone Slabs, like high-quality quartz countertop.

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    Joint-Home has sent hundreds of samples to profesional quartz distributors, buliders, countertop factories, etc., and has received positive feekback from home and abroad.

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Why Choose Us

Established in 2007, Joint Home is one of China major quartz stone companies specializing in the production and supply of quartz slab for many commercial projects and high end residential projects. Our factory offer a diversified range of products, such as quartz slabs, quartz countertops, and artificial quartz stone. With over ten years of combined experience and knowledge in the quartz slabs industry, we can also offer custom designs and OEM services.

    1. Professional

    More than 10 years work experience especially for commercial projects and residential projects.

    1. Innovation

    Our designers travel the world to gather insight and inspiration.

    1. Quality Assurance

    All finished products will be inspected by experienced workers.

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With over 10 years experience on Quartz Slabs Quartz Stone.

Promoting Your Business With Our Trendy Quartz Stone?

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